Anigan EvaCup Menstrual Cup Review

If you thought AngelCup, on the market since 2013, is a new product, think again. Anigan EvaCup – this time a local, US, brand – was launched in August 2014. At $22 a piece, meaning half the price of AngelCup, and a dash of color, Anigan’s product makes a lot of sense.

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About Anigan EvaCup

Anigan EvaCup Menstrual Cup is made of medical-grade silicone and endorsed by the FDA. It comes in 2 different sizes:

  • 25 ml capacity, 50 mm cup length, 12 mm stem length, 42 mm diameter – for first time users (younger women who didn’t have a vaginal birth);
  • 30 ml capacity, 57 mm cup length, 12 mm stem length, 45 mm diameter – for more experienced users (older women who went through at least one vaginal birth).

And up to 9 colors: Chartreuse Yellow, Aqua Blue, Blizzard Blue, Rose, Moonstone, Sunset, Meadow Green, Cherry Blossom, and Lavender.

But the design is even more appealing than the variety of shades, as it successfully combines a thick, solid rim with a soft body. You insert it easy, it fits in to stop any potential leaks, and you barely feel that you are wearing it.

The manufacturer recommends changing it 2 to 4 times a day, depending on the flow, and claims you can use it for any kind of activities, no matter how intense: traveling, swimming, running etc.

After appearance and design, practicability is their third main concern. On the official website, you can shop for many interesting accessories, from collapsible sterilizing cups, panties or hand warmers to full first period kits.

Pros and cons

The Anigan EvaCup is, above all, a US manufactured hygiene product. This means you can be sure that it perfectly complies with all the laws and regulations during production for the US market. Furthermore, the cup:

  • Is one of the cheapest products on the market;
  • It holds more fluid than similar products, AngelCup included;
  • It is easier to insert and tolerate than similar products;
  • Women who used it say their period got shorter;
  • It is more colorful and appealing;
  • The color pigment is also FDA approved and it doesn’t leach.

As a downside, be aware of the fakes! Several China manufacturers started to commercialize EvaCup menstrual cups under their own private labels. Those products aren’t FDA approved and are not even legal to sell in US. If you’re not shopping for it from authorized sources, you could end up buying a fake product, of lower quality.

Final Thoughts and Summary

With Anigan EvaCup Menstrual Cup, you can get many benefits for low costs. If you are to chose between a Mexican cup or any other product manufactured abroad and a local menstrual cup like EvaCup, the US product worth a first shot.

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