Bella Cup Review – Features & Price

If you’ve had enough of the US brands, a Korean menstrual cup like Bella Cup could be a nice change. A tad longer than similar products, therefore easier to grip and handle, the cup looks a lot like Femmecup. But the overall feeling makes the difference. Now let’s see what else makes it a sound choice.

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About the Bella Cup

Bella Cup Menstrual Cup is made of medical-grade silicone and contains no colors or dyes, hence the translucent aspect. It comes in 2 sizes, the regulars Small and Large, with the following features:

  • Small – 20 ml capacity, 41 mm diameter, 48.1 mm cup length and 23.8 mm stem length;
  • Large – 30 ml capacity, 45.5 mm diameter, 53.1 mm cup length and 20.3 mm stem length.

When you order it, you will receive one cup (the size of your choice), one storage bag and simple usage instructions, for €21.99.


The two main benefits women report are the handy design and the softness of the cup. The long, flat tab stem and the gripped texture at the base of the cup make it easy to remove. The 4 suction release holes under the rim are also handy and the softness of the entire cup make it almost squishy, therefore comfortable to wear.

The cup is reusable, easy to clean, and the manufacturer claims you can use it up to 5 years. If you find the stem too long, you can always trim it down, but many women said that even if it sticks out a bit, it is so flexible that you won’t even feel it.

Particularly for women with a heavy flow, Bella Cup is an interesting choice as it retains quite a lot of fluid.

Potential flaws

While there is little you can consider a potential drawback about this product, it turns out that the flexibility that some women appreciate can be in the detriment of others. Several users reported that Bella Cup’s squishiness makes it a little unstable and could cause some leaks. But this one comes down to your own body anatomy and making the right choice in term of size.

Final Thoughts and Summary

Bella Cup Menstrual Cups are definitely an interesting choice from the foreign market. Its price is more affordable than the one of many other competitive products, the capacity was widely praised and the only thing left is for you to decide if it fits your body anatomy and how comfortable you find it.

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