DivaCup Review – Benefits & Drawbacks

As one of the first menstrual cups ever manufactured, and conceived by a woman, DivaCup received the famous ISO 13485:2003 quality certification. With the highest medical accreditation up the sleeve, is there any potential flaw that a woman could experience?

  • Ease Of Use
  • Fluid Containment
  • Features
  • Price



About The Divacup

As suggested, Divacup was created by a woman, with women’s needs in mind. The product keeps a simple, translucent shape, without making fuss about the design. It is available in 2 sizes, for women under 30 and for women over 30 or after a childbirth. Both models have 30 ml capacity, 2.25 inches cup length and 0.38 inches stem length. The only difference is given by the diameter of the cup: 1.69 inches for Size 1 and 1.81 inches for Size 2.

The cup can stay inside for up to 12 hours, but it requires a thorough wash before reinsertion. One could use the recommended DivaWash solution, a special fragrance-free soap, with balanced pH, or any other oil-free and unscented soap.


Divacup menstrual cups have been on the market longer than most other products. Their $30 acquisition cost is considered more than affordable, since one cup can be used for years, if properly washed.

Some of the obvious benefits include:

  • A simple and comfortable design;
  • An affordable price;
  • An easy-grip stem;
  • A latex-free, non-toxic silicone base;
  • A generous capacity and up to 12 hours safe wear;
  • Odor inhibiting properties.


To shortly answer our initial question, there is little to no flaw in the design and use of this product. It can be difficult to insert, especially at the beginning, if you are not familiarized with using menstrual cups.

Any kind of leakage you experience is due to either the wrong size or the wrong insertion. If you’re experienced with using it but it doesn’t seem to cover your needs, you might just have to look for other menstrual cups, with more than 2 sizes in their catalogue.

Summary and Final Thoughts

Divacup is the kind of menstrual cup that is either perfect for your needs or not-so-perfect and for the last scenario, it’s not the manufacturer’s fault. But if you are looking for one of the most reliable products on the market, you must try it at least 2 or 3 months. After all, this is the average learning curve for realizing if a cup matches your anatomy and if it really is handy to insert or not.

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