FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Review

FemmyCycle menstrual cups are manufactured by Femcap Inc. Corporation and have only been on the market since 2012. Even so, they have already gained the interest of many female users out there, who seem to be attracted by its unique design. What else does this product brag with?

  • Ease of Use
  • Fluid Containment
  • Features
  • Price

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Information

These menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and are available in a clear cup color. They feature a special spill-proof design, which makes leaks just a bad memory, and a circle shaped stem, that helps you grab it at ease. With the proper use and hygiene measures, you should be able to reuse the same cup for up to one year.

FemmyCycle products are available in 3 different sizes and packaged in single packs (available at $39.99) and twin packs (available at $59.99):

  • The small model (Teen) – for young, virgin girls who are familiar with using tampons, or teenagers who just started their period and have light-medium flow; 17.5 ml capacity; 3.1 cm rim diameter; 3.8 cm height of the cup; 5.7 cm height of the cup with the removal ring;
  • The full size model (Regular) – for women with the Cervix on an average level, who are sexually active or had at least one birth and have a light-heavy flow; 30 ml capacity; 3.6 cm rim diameter; 4.3 cm height of the cup; 6.3 cm height of the cup with the removal ring;
  • The shorter model (Low Cervix) – for women with a low Cervix, regardless the type of flow; 30 ml capacity; 3.6 cm rim diameter; 4.3 cm height of the cup; 5.0 cm height of the cup with the removal ring.

This product is obviously a bit different from the majority of other menstrual cups, even only through its special design. However, it also brags with:

✔ The Why Didn’t I Think of That? Award in 2012
✔ The BioCom’s Innovative Award in 2013

Primary Benefits of FemmyCycle

If the entire above wasn’t enough to prove you how FemmyCycle stands out from the numerous, plain menstrual cups available on the market, here are the main benefits you should consider:

  • It is a new and innovative type of menstrual cup
  • It covers the needs of different women, with different anatomical conformations
  • The density of the silicone is more flexible than compared to Keeper, DivaCup or EvaCup
  • The stem is replaced by a ring, making it easier to grab, pull out and clean
  • The transparent look allows you to see directly what you should clean
  • The official website is very detailed, including instructions of use in 12 different languages

Potential flaws

As women reported, FemmyCycle cups seem to be a little more difficult to open up once inserted, possibly because they don’t have tiny holes in the rim. The other thing complain a little about is price being a little higher than other cups.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

It takes one look at this product to realize you want to try FemmyCycle. The majority of consumer reviews has been positive. Even the price is above average, the benefits also promise to be above average!

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