Keeper Menstrual Cup Review

Manufacturing menstrual cups since 1989, Gladrags has become a famous name. Their Keeper Menstrual Cup is known to be gentle with your body, since it’s made from a soft and natural gum rubber. Should you try it?

  • Ease of Use
  • Fluid Containment
  • Features
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Keeper Menstrual Cup Options

As mentioned, Keeper menstrual cups are made of rubber, which is more durable than silicone models (like Lunette or DivaCup), but, in consequence, it is not suitable for women who have latex allergies.

Keeper cups come in two sizes, labeled as A (the biggest) and B (the smallest) and in only one color. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is not very generous in detailing the dimensions of the two models. All it says is that model A is for after childbirth and model B is for before childbirth or women who had a c-section.

Since The Keeper and Gladrags have been in business for about 20 years, the products have gathered numerous 5-star reviews and they are known to last anything in between 1 and 5 years. So they don’t stand out for significant benefits other than their fabrication quality, but they seem to have some minor flaws.

Potential Issues and Problems

  • It’s not suitable for persons allergic to latex;
  • The rubber base gives it a subtle plastic odor;
  • The mall holes from the base of the rim make it difficult to clean and you always have to pay attention that fluid isn’t stuck in them.

At $35 a piece, this cup is more expensive than DivaCup but somewhat cheaper than Lunette. But the product is manufactured in US, it has received the FDA approval and it comes close after these two in a top of the most popular menstrual brands.

Women complain about the learning curve, which, after all, stands for any type of cup, but they appreciate the fact that the long stem can be trimmed however they need. Also, the rubbery smelly cup seems to have the edge of popping open relatively easy once inserted, which not all cups can brag with.

Summary and Conclusion

Keeper Menstrual Cups are an interesting alternative to the variety of cups currently on the market. They stand out through their manufacturer’s name but the product itself doesn’t strike as something you really need to try. You could test a Keeper cup if you’re tired of silicone and want to experience with rubber and you always have the Moon Cup (US), also from Gladrags, to try for comparison.

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