Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

Lunette menstrual cups belong to a Finland manufacturer. They’ve been on the market for the past 10 years and in direct competition with DivaCup or EvaCup. Since they’re $10 pricier than DivaCup, you have to wonder – what’s in it for the extra bucks?

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  • Fluid Containment
  • Features
  • Price

Lunette Menstrual Cups Options

Sold throughout the world, Lunette cups aren’t just FDA approved, but they also comply with the highest certification Finnish and Australian standards. They are made of medical-grade silicone and they come in 2 sizes. Besides the regular, translucent model, there are some limited edition colors like blue, light green, yellow, coral red or purple.

Model 1 holds up to 25 ml of fluid and it has 1.6 inches diameter. The 1.9 inches in height and 1 inch in stem length, together with the softer, squishier texture of the cup make it an ideal option for younger women, with a light menstrual flow or who haven’t had a vaginal birth so far.

Model 2 holds up to 30 ml of fluid and it has 1.8 inches diameter. The 2 inches in height and 0.8 inches in stem length, together with the firmer texture of the cup make it more suitable for women with a heavy menstrual flow, older women or women who had a vaginal birth before.

Overview of Lunette Benefits and Value

lunette-squeezedWhile Lunette Menstrual Cups look similar to other competitive products – size is a matter of preference and body anatomy – it still has some advantages up the sleeve.

For instance, its two models are very different from each other in terms of texture and flexibility. The smaller one is softer and more comfortable for young women, with little to no experience in using a menstrual cup. The bigger model is firmer and, therefore, pops open much easier once inserted.

The stem is also considered better designed than on other brands, making it is easier to grab and take out the cup. The rim is smoother, less pronounced, allowing an easier insertion and feeling more comfortable once inside. And the holes are larger, allowing an easier cleaning.

Lunette Drawbacks and Potential Issues

The numerous online reviews have one or two things in common. The first potential drawback is that the cup can sometimes leak. Like previously mentioned, this one can have many reasons, but it’s not necessarily the cup’s fault. Only personal experience can tell you if Lunette is right for your body or not.

The second complaint is about the price. Some women find $40 to be too much, but remember that the product can be used for years, so 10 extra dollars is nothing compared to the comfort you get.

Summary and Conclusion

Lunette menstrual cups are good quality for an average price. If you’d pay over $50 for a Juju cup or a Mooncup UK, you’d better consider Lunette first!

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